Together we laugh moreand create better.

We are Mai Torvits + Sophie Trench. 
We're a duo + we're many. 

Our story has at its core two 'T's but we consistently journey alongside others. We thrive on collaborative effort. We are humbled by what sparks when sharing ideas. 

Working from studios in London and Copenhagen, we bring in carefully curated expertise to suit projects little and large. We don't have a 'studio style' — each project is unique, bespoke to our clients.


Meet Torvits.

Creative director by experience, spatial designer by training and installation artist at heart.
A fine eye for aesthetics, guided by impeccable intuition.
A whizz at seeing opportunities, drawing them out, and giving them shape beyond expectations. 
Endlessly fascinated by how our senses and emotions are impacted by the spaces around us. 


Meet Trench.

Interior Architect by training, Associate Lecturer at Central Saint Martins. 
A remarkably talented persuader and storyteller. 
A relentless perfectionist: obsessed with the smallest details of a project, and seeing them through to a reality that is lived and loved. Constantly looking at ‘what’s next’ for our designed environments - considering how to shape spaces in which communities, businesses and individuals can thrive. 

We're fortunate to work with inspiring clients,
such as -

BBC Worldwide 
Beats by Dre 
BeViacom / MTV
British Library
Diana Poole Advisory
Giles Deacon + Toni&Guy

National Geographic
Red Bull
Sisters Grimm
Suzi Tros
The Wrong Shop
Wulf & Lamb

From big picture to considered details.


With backgrounds in interior architecture and installation art, our practice blends hands-on technical skills with artistic vision. Our all-rounder expertise enables us to design, direct and deliver a project - from crafting the ‘big idea’, to seeing through all the stages and monitoring execution.


Pilot project for the British Library: bringing content 'beyond the building'. Exploring how to engage audiences that might not find relevance in, objects ‘in a glass case’. 

We believe in design for good.

We’re into making big waves, and we’re committed to making ‘big’ accessible to all.

We give the same energy and attention to our clients, however large - or not - the project scope
We strive to encourage inclusivity and create positive impact where we can. 

Constantly favouring a long term approach we don’t shy away from asking challenging questions: Who is this really for? Where is the need? How will this idea make a difference? And does it have longevity?

We wear many hats.

We’re multi-skilled and we’re specialists. 

We’re designers, sounding-boards, art directors, strategists, workshop facilitators, copywriters, innovation seekers, and more. Whatever our role on a project we consistently bring our narrative lens to the table.


Sketch of a Borsalino by Nick Fouquet hat — part of delving into the brand's rich heritage and shaping a refreshed, leading-edge position.

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