Narrative Design StudioCrafting experiences from the story, out.

T+T is an interdisciplinary design studio, specialising in interiors, events, environments, brands and identities. We consistently ground our work in layers of thinking: our content, strategy and foresight work is just as important as the designed experience.


Suzi Tros Greek bistro, in London's Notting Hill.

Spaces that hit-the-spot. Stories that pack-a-punch. Moments that make-it-matter.

Whether designing a restaurant, shaping a brand identity or investigating the future of workplace - we approach each project as a Narrative Experience. 

‘Narrative’ relating to substance, meaning, and ‘experience’ to how it’s received, felt - the impact it has. 

Carefully considering the meaning and impact of what we experience is how we can create something that stays, something that affects beyond the moment.

Narrative permeates meaning. It's the glue that holds it all together.

Design by definition is to have intention. ‘Good design’, to us, is when that intention is clarified and conscientiously woven into each aspect of a project. This narrative-led approach is how we establish purpose, and ensure our projects are anchored in longevity.


Design & content support for art advisor Diana Poole's 'Picture This' series of curated content - looking at topical themes through the lens of art photography. Images by Vivianne Sassen.


Hands-on workshop activities for Nike's 2 day media launch, in Athens.

Everything has the potential to be experienced.

Our work stems from the premise that everything is an experience. Or has the potential to be experienced. 

The environments we are in - physically, digitally, and even take part in remotely - make lasting impressions: they trigger what we sense and can shift how we feel. These spaces and the narratives they convey are in constant interplay with our states. They have the capacity to move us as individuals and affect us as communities. 

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